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1. 传统文化与现代文明的关系

2. 民俗、民风、民族特色

3. 文化担当与自信

4. 文化传承与传播


  • Lantern Festival 元宵节

  • Embroidery 刺绣

  • Double-Ninth Festival 重阳节

  • Tomb Sweeping Day 清明节

  • paper cutting 剪纸

  • Siheyuan/Quadrangle 四合院

  • Warring States 战国

  • Kunqu Opera 昆曲

  • Flower Drum Song 花鼓戏

  • Confucian culture 儒家文化

  • Chinese knotting 中国结

  • hot pot 火锅

  • South Regions of the Yangtze River 江南

  • Tang Poetry 唐诗

  • Tang Dynasty 唐朝

  • Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节

  • lunar calendar 农历

  • the Palace Museum 故宫博物院

  • traditional Chinese festivals 中国传统节日

  • protecting traditional Chinese culture 保护中国传统文化

  • the four great inventions of ancient China 中国古代四大发明

  • The Book of Songs/Classic of Poetry 《诗经》

  • Records of the Grand Historian 《史记》

  • The Story of the Stone 《红楼梦》

  • Journey to the West 《西游记》


Protecting Traditional 

Chinese Culture

Protecting traditional Chinese culture is of great importance to China's cultural diversity, economic prosperity, and social development. The government in Guangdong province has made it their mission to protect Chaoju (潮剧), a local form of drama that began in Chaozhou in eastern Guangdong.


In my opinion, specific measures should be taken to protect traditional Chinese culture. To start with, we should make appropriate laws for everyone to follow. Also, we should educate people about the need to protect traditional culture. The more the public knows about it, the more support we can get.


It's time that we start treasuring our own valuable culture.




1. 科技创新的作用

2. 科技改变生活

3. 科技对民族、国家发展的作用


  • innovation 创新

  • science科学

  • technology 技术

  • shopping online 网购

  • high-speed railway 高铁

  • artificial intelligence(AI) 人工智能

  • big data 大数据

  • ability to innovate 创新能力

  • scientific and technological innovation 科技创新  

  • scientific and technological progress 科学技术进步

  • modernization of science and technology 科学技术现代化

  • have a major influence on politics, the economy, and society



The development of science and technology has brought about many changes in people's lives.


Modern technology makes life more convenient. Using the Internet is popular nowadays. Years ago, people had to look through a lot of information just to buy what they wanted. It was easy for people to spend too much time doing research and become tired as a result. Now, all you have to do is use the Internet. It's a piece of cake! 


With the development of science and technology, including high-speed transportation, video phones, and webcam meetings, the world has become smaller and smaller.

We all hope that modern technology will continue to reach the highest level, because science and technology make life more enjoyable indeed.









  • economy 经济

  • development 发展

  • prosperity 繁荣

  • communicate with parents efficiently 和父母更高效地交流

  • play an important role in our lives 在我们的生活中发挥重要的作用

  • increase your child's stress 增加孩子的压力

  • the rapid development of society 社会的快速发展

  • make many parents feel more worried 使得许多父母感到更加担忧




1. 大国智慧

2. 担当

3. 助力全球发展

4. 共同繁荣

5. 软实力影响

6. 自信

7. 走向世界


  • diplomatic 外交

  • responsibility 责任

  • confident 自信

  • harmony 和谐

  • balanced 平衡的

  • social order 社会秩序

  • peaceful 和平的

  • sustainable development 可持续发展

  • help other countries develop 助力其他国家发展

  • 10. live in harmony 和谐共处




1. 经济发展与环境的关系

2. 生态文明

3. 保护环境的重要性

4. 人与自然和谐相处

5. 绿色、开放,共享发展


  • pollute 污染

  • cut down trees 砍伐树木

  • waste water废水

  • throw garbage everywhere 乱扔垃圾

  • protect your surroundings 保护周边环境

  • improve the environment 改善环境

  • save energy 节省能源

  • do great harm to 给……带来很大危害

  • public morals 社会道德

  • ecological civilization 生态文明

  • devote to 献身

  • be public/spirited 有公德心的

  • sharing development 共享发展 


Dear Bill,

I'm glad I received your letter. Thank you for caring about the weather and my health. Now, I'd like to tell you something about smog.


Since winter last year, there has been a lot of smog. It has done great harm to our daily lives. Many traffic accidents happened just because of the heavy smog. Quite a few flights had to be rescheduled, and many people had to go to the doctor because of serious diseases caused by the smog.


People have realized that smog causes great harm, and people all over the country know that protecting the environment is the most important thing to do. The government suggests that people go to work or school on public transportation, such as the bus and the underground. Also we should plant more trees.


As to me, I always go to school by bike or on foot, and I never throw garbage anywhere. In addition, I will tell everyone I meet to protect the environment as much as they can. Would you like to tell me some good ideas? I'm looking forward to your reply.


Li Hua




1. 表达你对老师、朋友、亲人的感激之情

2. 表达对朋友、亲人的祝愿

3. 陈述与他们之间难忘的事

4. 阐述如何与他们建立良好的关系


  • lonely 孤独的

  • upset 难过的

  • nervous 紧张的

  • be worried about 担忧,担心

  • get angry with sb. about sth. 因某事生某人的气

  • be confident in sth. 对某事有信心

  • learn from each other 互相学习

  • promote friendship 增进友谊

  • build a good relationship 建立良好的关系

  • show love and concern for sb. 爱护关心某人

  • get closer to each other 彼此走得更近


Dear Mrs. Zhang,

I'm writing to express my sincere gratitude to you. You gave me a hand when it was very necessary.


One month ago, with the College Entrance Examination around the corner, I was nervous and in low spirits. I was afraid of letting my parents down because of my average academic performance. When I was at the point of giving up, you asked me to go to your office. Instead of blaming me, you comforted me and discussed with me my reasons for failing the exam. You managed to help me with my studies and always inspired me. Gradually, I learned how to make my own adjustments. Thanks to you, I stayed calm during the College Entrance Examination.


Mrs. Zhang, I'm extremely grateful for what you have done for me. I will always have hope because of you. I wish you happiness and good health.

Sincerely yours,

Li Hua



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